Mechnical Smoke Extract Systems and Environment Fresh Air

Design, supply and installation of Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems for premises that require ventilated stairwells, corridors etc. Smoke vent systems are a requirement of building control and ensuring safety and minimising loss of life.

In the event of a fire it has been found that almost half of deaths were caused by smoke and the inhalation of noxious smoke fumes. Mechanical smoke ventilation is required to provide a safe way of escape from the building in the event of a fire. Walkways and stairwells are often positively pressurised so smoke and fire cannot find its way into the safe areas to allow residents and staff to exit the building more safely.

We work closely with other trades and project managers to ensure that any complicated detail or important logistical detail is ironed out and sorted before and during the project.

Other methods of smoke extraction are natural smoke venting where airflow patterns and smoke extracting is managed through natural airflow. The building can be designed with opening windows, automatic vents to suit the design.

Smoke and fire rating of ductwork is essential and maintenance and testing is also essential to comply with regulations.