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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Canopy Hoods

We supply and install commercial kitchen extraction canopy hoods. Our extract hoods are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are complete with baffle filters, lighting and can be fitted with supply air plenums as required.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Canopy units are required to comply with current gas regulations and to provide an adequate kitchen environment. Extraction hoods must overhang the cooking appliances by at least 300m to each side.

For a wall mounted extraction canopy the extraction hood must overhang the front of the kitchen appliances and also the left and right hand side. It is possible to provide more flexible solutions where canopy hoods can be fitted tight to walls where the overhang is not possible and also not required as these side walls improve the airflow rate. Be sure to install stainless steel cladding to each wall.

For centre island extraction canopy set ups the extraction hood must overhang by 300mm to all sides of the kitchen equipment.

For appliances that create a lot of heat, steam and for appliances with doors that open such as Rational combination ovens it is recommended that a commercial kitchen extraction canopy overhangs these appliances by 600mm to the front. This adequately captures; smoke, steam, cooking fumes and gas fumes.

Commercial kitchen extraction canopy units that more adequately overhang kitchen appliances will operate more efficiently as there is more surface area for the fumes to be captured by the wood and then to be extracted via the extraction canopy filters and filter plenum.

Velocity rates on extraction canopy spigot connections can vary but we recommend 7m/s for the optimum airflow rate. The velocity rate is calculated based on the airflow rate as well as the size of the ductwork.

If the velocity rate is too high, or too low on the spigot connections the system will not operate efficiently. It is very important that duct sizes are specified correctly to avoid issues.