Commercial Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an essential requirement. Commercial ducts must be cleaned to reduce the risk of fire. Kitchen extract fires are almost always caused by build up of grease and poorly maintained extract duct systems. We can help you clean your duct to TR19 standard.

Commercial duct cleaning. In 2005 the fire safety reform act was passed and it put the legal responsibility on the building manager or owner to minimise and reduce the risk of a fire.

Your buildings insurance will only provide cover if you can prove the ductwork has been cleaned to TR19 standards using best practices.

The only way you can ensure that the clean is compliant is that a full clean of all of the ductwork in your building is completed.

We are a ductwork and ventilation system specialist so we understand what is required to clean your system to the correct standard as well as ensuring that we minimise downtime for your business and ensure mechanical fans and Motors are protected during the clean.

We are able to provide skills to support all requirements. Height work, complicated ventilation systems, confined spaces, boxed in duct sections.

We can support you on all of your duct cleaning requirements.