Pizza Oven Ventilation Systems

We install specialist pizza oven ventilation systems. We supply and install twin wall flue systems for wood fired and gas fired pizza ovens. As well as these directly connected flue systems we also provide extraction canopy systems to pizza ovens where it is not possible to install a directly connected flue system or if a hood is the preferred option.

Directly connected flue systems: We supply and install complete full solutions for pizza oven ventilation systems, from the twin wall flue extract installation to the exodraft fan unit at the top of the riser and we are careful to specify the correct equipment based on the details of your pizza oven. 

Pizza oven extract hood systems: We supply and install complete systems from the extraction canopy unit to the ductwork and the ventilation plant (fans). It is important to provide the correct airflow for both hood systems and directly connect systems as you can over spec a fan that can draw heat out of the oven. 

With a directly connected flue system that provides extraction airflow to a wood fired (smoki smoke abatement) or pizza oven system it is important to note that it is against regulations to connect a flue system into a standard common extraction duct. This is especially the case if it serves extract airflow to other cooking appliances. This is against DW172 and current regulations and presents a fire risk. 

Things to remember and avoid when specifying a ventilation system for your pizza oven:
– do not over specify the fan units as this can cause issues with drawing heat out of your oven.
– you need to select the correct pizza oven exhaust fan find info here
– over specifying the extract airflow rate can also draw gas fumes from the mouth of your oven meaning that poisonous potentially dangerous fumes can be drawn into the kitchen.
– a gas interlock system should be fitted to interlock the airflow, the gas fumes and gas supply for your pizza oven so that the fan continues to draw potentially poisonous gas fumes from your kitchen.
– do not install a directly connected flue into a common extract duct as this presents a fire risk where the wood fired gas combustion fumes which are oily can mix with fumes from standard equipment that can create a fire within your ductwork.

We take great pride in installing solutions the are suitable and safe that allow you to create the concept that you want to. We will aid you every step of the way to give you the solution you need that will suit your concept as well as providing a regulation tight, safe solution and comfortable working environment.