Solid Fuel Appliance Ventilation Systems

We install specialist  Solid fuel appliance ventilation systems that are capable of withstanding high temperatures and powerful extract airflows to suit the particular appliances. If you don’t have a suitable extraction system you won’t be able to provide the concept you want.

We install ventilation solutions for all types of solid fuel appliances. From wood to charcoal fired appliances and dual fuel appliances such as pizza ovens (see our pizza vent page) we can provide solutions for bespoke appliances and hep advise on requirements.

Solutions we can provide for

-wood fired pizza oven extraction, wood fired grills extraction, charcoal BBQ extraction, robata grill extraction, tandoori ovens extraction, solid fuel appliance interlock systems and more.

It is important that the correct airflow rate is specified as an unbalanced ventilation system that does not provide enough intake air can cause issues on safely extracting fumes.

For wood ovens you need to select the correct wood fired pizza oven exhaust fan find some info here.

To comply with current regulations and guidelines you must no longer install a solid fuel appliance and a standard appliance under the same extraction hood that is served by the same extraction duct system. Solid fuel appliance ventilation must comply with DW172 guidelines.

This is effectively because oils that burn off as a byproduct of combustion can mix with gases and fumes from other appliances and they can then ignite and cause a fire.

There are various options for fume, odour and smoke control such as ESP units, ozone and smoke abatement units. Fire rated ductwork can be fitted to minimise the risk of spreading the fire.


We provide free no obligation estimates and surveys – we want to help you specify the correct thing and we want to advise you correctly. Contact us now, we are ready.