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Commercial Ventilation, Commercial Kitchen  Extract, Ductwork Installations, Fan Repairs and Replacements.

We supply and install commercial ventilation systems. From full systems to an extract fan installation we provide jobs of all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.  From a commercial kitchen extract system to specialist pizza oven ventilation systems we provide solutions for all types.

All jobs are specified on its own individual merit, we calculate the airflow required based on the appliance, the application, the room size etc. Duct sizes are based on the airflow rate and airflow velocity rate.

All aspects of ductwork systems have a recommended and specified velocity rate which is based on what the function is within the system i.e. extraction canopy duct connection, intake air grill, filtration dwell time etc.

Whatever your requirements are get in contact with us and we will help you specify a suitable system, with a free no obligation quotation.

Commercial ventilation installations & Products


We install all types of ductwork and ventilation systems. For commercial kitchen extract, pizza oven ventilation, commercial boiler flue systems coffee roaster flues and bakery oven flues. We provide installations all over the UK but predominantly London & South East.

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