Odour Control Systems For Kitchen Extract

We supply and install odour control systems for kitchen extraction systems. We provide various options depending on the type of kitchen cooking appliances, the cooking style, available space and the sensitivity of the area that the cooking fumes are being extracted to.

There are various types of odour control systems there are traditional solutions such as site safe carbon filtration systems complete with various pre filters. We also provide a more modern type of odour control system in, ozone generation.

Ozone is a chemical produced by UV light but it is also possible to create ozone electrically. Gone are the days of blocked up and greasy UV bulbs within ducts and extraction hoods.

Electrically generated ozone systems can be fitted as part of a new full ventilation system but it can also be retro fitted to an existing system. Ozone units are external to the ductwork system and these units can be ducted into the common duct areas.

The way ozone odour control systems work is via a control box that generates ozone electrically. Ozone breakdowns odour particles on contact. The longer the dwell time and contact time the ozone particles have with the odour particles the more efficiently the odour particles can be broken down.

We have had very good results on shorter and longer duct runs where we have installed ozone generation systems. The unit is fitted within the kitchen or a plant room and a 100mm diameter spiral duct will connect into the common duct. The ozone is then generated and is drawn into the main duct run.

Ozone odour control is a very practical, efficient and simple solution to any kitchen odour control requirements and if fitted with smoke filtration you will have a very effective solution to comply with council requirements.