Fire Rated Kitchen Extract Ductwork

We are a team of Fire Rated Kitchen Extract Ductwork installers and suppliers. Our team work on projects within the commercial kitchens and other settings. Fire rated & smoke rated ductwork specialists ready to help you with your next project.

We supply and install fire rated kitchen extract ductwork. Kitchen extract ductwork that exhausts from the kitchen to directly outside to atmosphere without passing through any other parts of the building can be standard galvanised steel ductwork that is manufactured to DW144.

Ductwork that passes from a commercial kitchen through to a fire compartment into a non fire rated stairwell or room (for example) must be fire rated to comply with current building and safety regulations.

Kitchen extraction ductwork must be fire rated in these instances because the nature of the cooking process can create grease and other products of combustion and due to different cooking styles etc. This creates a fire risk. Even when ensuring your ductwork system is cleaned as regularly as it should be there is always a risk of fire within your duct. With fire rated kitchen extract ductwork this minimises the risk and means you are as compliant as you can be.

Fire rated kitchen extract ductwork is made to BS EN 1366. 1366 is a an EN test standard. Different fabrication companies can manufacture to this standard if they have the certification to do so. The ductwork is put into a test furnace and the temperature is monitored to prove the soundness and how long the duct (fabricated to a specific specification) lasts under the strain of a fire.

Commercial kitchen ventilation is a very specific requirement. As the inside of the duct work over time collects grease, it creates a greater fire risk than other duct systems.

The testing process tests fire inside the ductwork, the integrity of the duct and the insulation for the same period of time as the fire compartment (corridor, stairwell, area for example) that it passes through.

In fire rated kitchen extract ductwork systems the correct cleaning access should be fitted and these access doors and their manufacturing process should also be tested to BS EN 1366-1 to ensure they comply.