Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installers

We are commercial kitchen extraction installers. We are a team of ventilation specialists and we provide services to commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, schools, universities etc. Extraction duct spiral & square/rectangular, canopy hoods, fans, filtration and maintenance.

As a team of commercial kitchen ventilation installers we understand the importance of your kitchen operation. We know that the ventilation and extract system is an integral part of your kitchen. If it is not suitable for the type of cooking that is being carried out in the kitchen – it affects your process.

Our commercial kitchen extraction installers team have many years of experience in installation brand new extraction systems and ventilation systems to commercial kitchens. We also have the experience to adapt or modify your existing set up. Maybe your kitchen needs an upgrade? Maybe the cooking process has changed? Maybe your extract duct and canopy system has never worked that efficiently.

We provide a no obligation site visit and quotation. It can be difficult to know what’s needed and it is not uncommon to receive conflicting information from different companies. We believe its important to help you to figure out the best solution for your concept or your commercial kitchen set up.

There is no point in over specifying a system if there are more cost effective (but still operational sound) solutions. We’re a team who can find the most suitable systems and set ups for your kitchen needs.

Sometimes the system is very simple and on other projects the system requires a more creative outlook. A vision is usually important when you’re installing an extraction or ventilation duct system into any premises. It has to work, it has to be serviceable and it has to be a straight forward process. Even when there are potential difficulties on an installation.

A project management process from office to site is in place as soon as you award us a contract, no matter how big or small – separates out commercial kitchen extraction installers team from the rest.