Ghost Kitchen Extraction Systems

The kitchen extract system is an integral part of your ghost kitchen concept. To give you/your tenants maximum capacity to provide the types of concepts they want to create. Ghost kitchen extraction systems need to provide the correct airflow and design to maximise the space as well as providing a suitable solution.

Ghost kitchen ventilation. With the rise in food delivery popularity, ghost kitchens are a growing market and the demand for commercial kitchen spaces mean there is so much opportunity. Whether you are starting various brands from one kitchen or you are building kitchen spaces to rent to other brands we can help you with the full design and installation of your dark kitchen ventilation system.

With multiple multiple brands and cooking types it is essential that duct sizes are specified at the right size as undersizing this can cause major issues in the efficiency of the system. Installing a system with flexibility is always a good aim where it is possible. A flexible solution to allow your business to also be flexible is essential.

We install all parts of the system but we also can install certain aspects of the system if required:
-kitchen extraction hoods for ghost kitchens
-ductwork for ghost kitchens
-extraction fan units
-intake air system for ghost kitchens
-any other aspect of your kitchen as required.

With growing popularity over the last 5 years of food delivery service mixed with the covid 19 pandemic lockdown with people being urged to stay at home (we will be out of it soon folks) it has seen an emerging market that will be worth millions and millions of pounds over the coming years.

With companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats making it so easy to deliver food from kitchen to customer there has been no better time to make the most of the growing industry of ghost kitchens.

Get in contact with us now to help you with specify what you need. From ventilation, duct, gas work, installation. We provide no obligation quotes so contact us now – and lets get your ghost kitchen running.

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